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The Red Line

Aug 20, 2023

The economic feasibility of Nuclear Power is under an unprecedented microscope, with evolving energy solutions and changing market dynamics, the mathematical foundation that once supported the nuclear industry's robustness is now slipping. While traditional energy giants like the US, France, and Russia grapple with the shifting sands of economic viability, emergent green energy leaders are questioning the place of nuclear power in tomorrow's energy mosaic. Is nuclear energy a mere bridging solution in our transition to a carbon-neutral future, or is it an unsustainable relic of the past? We ask our panel of experts:

On the panel this week:
- Paul Dorfman (SPRU)
- David Schlissel (IEEFA)
- James Acton (CEIP)

Intro: 00:00
PART 1: 05:32
PART 2: 22:30
PART 3: 33:56
Outro: 52:50

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