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The Red Line

Jun 28, 2020

The South China sea is the new battleground between Beijing and Washington with the winner controlling the trades routes; and therefore the future of Asia.

Caught in the middle is The Philippines, now torn between their military partners in Washington and their economic partners in Beijing, with the decision-maker...

Jun 14, 2020

While everyone has their eyes on its imploding neighbours Guyana is entering its own new phase, one that is likely to make it one of the world's next big geopolitical flashpoints.

With Iranian missiles, Cambridge Analytica buying elections, and a country up for sale this isolated jungle nation could be the...

Jun 1, 2020

Often referred to as the North Korea of Central Asia, Turkmenistan is simply a desert of contradictions. A nation where you memorize poems to get your driver's license, where the president raps on TV, and where many Guinness world records are broken; but more importantly a nation of starving people on top of the 4th...