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The Red Line

Feb 21, 2021

We dont think much about it but Rare Earth elements are a huge part of our everyday life, powering our phones, laptops, satellites and cars. The thing we all overlook though is where those Rare Earths are coming from, and right now China controls 98%+ of the market, meaning that every single high technology item we use at some point relies on China. 

That issue compounds as well when you realise that this problem extends to the defence industry, with state of the art US fighters such as the F-35 being unbuildable if the Chinese refuse to do their part of the process. The situation is far more complicated than many people realise, and we may be a decade from any real solution. 

This weeks guests

- Guillaume Pitron (Le Monde Diplomatique)
- Julie Klinger (University of Delaware)
- Teague Egan (EnergyX)
- Sophia Kalantzakos (New York University)

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