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The Red Line

Feb 19, 2023

The war in Ukraine completely changed how Europe saw its own defence, and once against the continent is beginning to scramble to hastily rearm and modernise its defence industries. The question being asked by several analysts though, is whether Europe is rearming for the right war? Whilst the tanks the UK, France and Germany are fast-tracking are optimal for the battlefields of Eastern Ukraine, they are of little use for future conflicts in the jungles of Mali, the foothills of the Balkans or even the beaches of Taiwan. Is Europe once again preparing to fight the last war?

On the panel this week: 
- Neil Melvin (RUSI)
- Alex Clarkson (Kings College)
- Perun (Defense Analyst)
- James Black (RAND)

Intro = 00:00
PART 1 = 03:51
PART 2 - 29:59
PART 3 = 43:59
PART 4 = 1:05:06
Outro = 1:30:36

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