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The Red Line

Mar 5, 2023

China appears to be sleepwalking toward a conflict over Taiwan, and in response, East Asia has begun to prepare for a war that could start as early as 2026. Whilst some like Japan are buying up unnamed vehicles to adapt to their growing demographic crises, other nations like South Korea have become leading arms exporters across the globe. Is the war in Taiwan inevitable, is Japan's rearmament strategy likely to come to fruition in time, and how is the US readying itself for the conflict that will dictate the geopolitical trajectory of East Asia for the next three decades? We ask our panel of experts

On the panel this week:
- Tim Heath (RAND)
- Daniel Darling (Forecast International)
- Mark Cancian (CSIS)

Intro = 00:00
PART 1 = 05:39
PART 2 = 33:03
PART 3 = 51:36
Conc = 1:09:41

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