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The Red Line

Mar 19, 2023

Bulgaria currently stands at a crossroads, with one group pulling the country toward the West, and an alliance of corruption, crime, and capture tethering the country toward Russia. These already high tensions are now also widening further, with the Bulgarian population heading to the polls for the fifth time in 2 years, and increasingly fringe candidates skewing internal discourse. Will Bulgaria be able to finally divest itself away from Moscow, or will it continue to act as a backdoor for Russian influence into the EU and NATO? We ask our panel of experts. 

On the panel this week:
- Georgi Gotev (Euractive)
- Daniela Žuvela (Fortescue)
- Vessela Tcherneva (ECFR)

Intro = 00:00
PART 1 = 04:34
PART 2 = 21:59
PART 3 = 35:58
Conc = 53:26

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