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The Red Line

Apr 30, 2023

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the looming economic crisis in Egypt. With inflation on the rise, foreign investment declining, and a mounting debt burden, the country's economy is facing significant challenges. We discuss the roots of the crisis, its impact on Egypt's people, and the potential for social unrest. We'll also look at the role of the government and the military in responding to this crisis and ask what the future holds for Egypt's economy. Is this the first domino of the next Arab Spring? We ask our panel of experts:

On the panel this week:

  • Mirette F. Mabrouk (MEI)
  • Rich Outzen (Atlantic Council)
  • David Butter (Chatham House)
  • Ben Fishman (Washington Inst)

Intro - 00:00
PART 1 - 02:56
PART 2 - 20:26
PART 3 - 37:39
PART 4 - 52:28
Conc - 68:29

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