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The Red Line

May 29, 2023

Central Asia stands at a pivotal crossroads, with the next few months likely to set the course for the region going forward. What lies at stake in Kazakhstan's delicate balancing act? Will political stability give way to democratic progress or plunge into uncertainty? Does Kyrgyzstan's strongman rule signal a step backwards for democracy or a formidable power to reckon with? As Uzbekistan extends its ruler's reign until nearly 2040, can we ignore the unsettling erosion of democratic principles? And in Tajikistan, where power seamlessly transfers to the ruler's children, what implications loom for democratic processes? Moreover, with Turkmenistan's freedom index ranking lower than North Korea, are we confronting an unprecedented democratic crisis? What is the future of democracy in Central Asia? We are our panel of experts:

- Alexander Cooley (Barnard College)
- Erica Marat (NDU)
- Temur Umarov (CEIP)
- Steve Swerdlow (USC)
- Bruce Pannier (Central Asia Journalist)

Intro - 00:00
PART 1 - 04:02 - (Kazakhstan)
PART 2 - 27:33 - (Kyrgyzstan)
PART 3 - 39:03 - (Uzbekistan)
PART 4 - 55:49 - (Tajikistan)
PART 5 - 1:10:02 - (Turkmenistan)
Outro - 1:28:26


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