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The Red Line

Jun 26, 2023

Estonia has one of the most impressive economic transformations anywhere on the planet, gaining independence from the USSR and completely overhauling its entire institutional base. While most of the post-Soviet states experienced slow growth and economic stagnation, Estonia instead grew rapidly and became the 'Startup Capital of Europe'. However, while Estonia celebrated its economic successes, cultural issues began bubbling just under the surface, setting the stage for a series of tough decisions to be made by Tallinn today. Will Estonia be able to maintain this level of growth? Will the language laws backfire? And will Sweden and Finland's entry into NATO completely change the defence dynamic within the Baltic states? We ask our panel of experts.

- Elisabeth Braw (AEI)
- Marko Mihkelson (Chair of Estonian FA Comm)
- Steven Pifer (Stanford)

Intro - 00:00
PART 1 - 04:21
PART 2 - 19:32
PART 3 - 36:06
Outro - 1:00:09

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