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The Red Line

Jul 9, 2023

Equatorial Guinea is one of the most puzzling countries in the world, with everything from coups involving Margaret Thatcher's son, to firing squads in Santa outfits operating in the country. However, far more worrying than that is the economic cliff the country seems to be barreling toward, with the industry, worth 90% of their income, announcing their departure from the country in 2026. Will Equatorial Guinea be able to steer the country away from the cliff? Will the Instagram star VP successfully transition into his father's role? And why is this country the strangest one we have ever covered? We ask our panel of experts.

On the panel this week:
- Perri Grace (Geopolitical Analyst)
- Max Lawson (Oxfam)
- Florent Geel (Fmr FIDH Dir. Africa)
- Emilia Columbo (CSIS)

Intro - 00:00
PART 1 - 02:07
PART 2 - 15:29
PART 3 - 25:15
PART 4 - 33:46
Outro - 55:30

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