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The Red Line

Nov 20, 2022

The world is on the precipice of the new revolution in Green Technology, but where do the materials for this Green Tech come from? One of the primary materials required for everything from smartphones to electric vehicle batteries is Cobalt, and silvery-gold looking mineral found primarily in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The DRC holds the vast majority of the world's Cobalt, and the country has become a vital part of the global supply chain, but how safe is that? Are we betting the entire future of Green tech on a country already barreling toward war, floods, and civil conflicts? We ask our panel of experts.

On the panel this week:

- Jason Stearns (Congo Research Group)
- Ben Radley (Uni of Bath)
- Bossissi Nkuba (Uni of Antwerp & UCBukavu)
- Emilia Columbo (CSIS Africa)

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