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The Red Line

Oct 9, 2022

Whilst debates around Climate Change still rage on US TV, the US Military has been quietly preparing for the now inevitable. Planners are now acutely aware of just how quick Climate Change is coming down upon us, and how dramatically it will change the geopolitics of the planet. What wargames are the military running in preparation for this? Which theatres do they project to be the most impacted? and is the US ready for a worst-case scenario? We ask our panel of experts. 

On the panel this week:
- Sharon Burke (Ecospherics/Fmr White House)
- John Conger (Center for Climate and Security/Fmr White House)
- Larry Wilkerson (Fmr Chief of Staff to Colin Powell)

This is Part 1 of our special 5-Part Series focusing on The Geopolitics of Climate Change

This Production was Brought to you by The Red Line and Mission Climate Project

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