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The Red Line

Nov 6, 2022

Water is the most precious resource known to man, but some countries are currently preparing to wield it as a weapon. Through the building of hydroelectric dams, the shrinking of water supplies, or plain geography, water is set to reshape the balance of power in many of the world's geopolitical flashpoints.

So where are these flashpoints, who is set to gain the upper hand, and how will climate craft a new reality for these nations? To answer that, we sat down with a panel of geopolitical experts. 

On the panel this week:
- Ben Bowie (TMP)
- Alex De Waal (World Peace Foundation)
- Bruce Pannier (Freelance Journalist)
- Michael Kugelman (Wilson Centre)
- Gordon Flake (Perth USAsia Center)

Made in partnership with The Mission Climate Project

This episode is Part 3 of our 5 part series. 

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